Understanding Network Garage In Two-Wheeler Insurance

For cashless claims in bike insurance, you must use network garages for repairs. Your insurance provider authorises these locations to handle the repairs; the insurer pays directly.

Network garages let you get your insured vehicle repaired without upfront costs, including deductibles and depreciation charges. Make sure the chosen network garage is in your insurer’s network. This post will detail network garages for a smooth, cashless bike repair experience.

Why Are Cashless Network Garages Necessary?

An increasing number of people are seeking cashless network garages due to increased traffic accidents. This is so that the policyholder is exempt from having to pay for their bike repairs when using cashless network garages. The insurance company is the one who pays for all of the damages.

As a result, you anticipate that your bike insurance will pay for repairs when you have an accident while riding your bike. You can quickly get the bike fixed at a two-wheeler workshop that is part of your insurer’s network if you use a cashless network garage.

Therefore, it’s critical that your bike is adequately insured and that you renew your bike insurance on time to make a cashless insurance claim in the event of an accident.

Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under motor insurance policy.*

How Does The Network Garage Policy For Two-Wheelers Operate?

Your insurance provider has a network of garages nationwide, offering cashless services for your bike. Network garages follow the insurer’s guidelines, repairing any damage to your two-wheeler. The garage submits the invoice to the insurance company, which pays the verified amount directly, eliminating out-of-pocket expenses for the insured party.

This facilitates an easy and quick repair and bike insurance claim process for the insured. Nevertheless, in the event of an accident or other damage, the insured bike owner must notify the insurance company before sending the bike to a network garage for repairs. You can make use of the convenience of using a two-wheeler insurance calculator to determine your coverage and premiums.

Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under motor insurance policy.*

How Does One Redeem The Cashless Bike Insurance?

The procedures to file a cashless claim are as follows:

  • Keep track of the bike’s number or the other bike’s number plate number involved in the collision.
  • Write down the names of witnesses when the accident happened.
  • As soon as possible after the incident, report the accident to the insurer.
  • Make a First Information Report (FIR) about the accident at the closest police station, and carry a copy of the FIR with you.
  • Submit the necessary documents as instructed by your insurer later on.
  • The company will verify the documents. After the verification process is completed, the insurer will estimate the cost of repairs.
  • If a claim is made without cash, the insurance will reimburse the network garage for repairs.
  • On the other hand, you can handle the bike repairs yourself and file a claim for reimbursement from your insurer for bike insurance.

Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under motor insurance policy.*

* Standard T&C Apply

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