Type of Accident in Construction Site PDF

One of the leading causes of construction site accidents is falls. A fall can happen as a result of a faulty scaffold, a hole in the ground, or an improperly used portable ladder. Another cause is objects striking a worker. Some of the most common objects that strike workers are falling objects, flying objects, timesweb and vehicles. Electrocutions, on the other hand, can happen when someone gets in contact with a power line, or when they don’t use protective gear.

The number of reported accidents in construction sites is alarming. CIDB provides a site safety induction to construction workers, and is trying to reduce these numbers. However, the occurrence of accidents is high and the occurrence is attributed to the attitude of workers toward the OSHMS. To understand the impact of OSHMS on workplace accidents, a survey was conducted using a five-point Likert scale questionnaire that was distributed to five ongoing construction sites in Kuching and two in Bintulu. The survey involved 365 respondents.