Most Common Semi-Truck Accidents That Take Place in Las Vegas

Damage from truck accidents may be severe or even catastrophic. You might wonder what actions you can take after being hurt by a truck driver’s careless driving. 

Truck accident attorneys from Ace Law Group in Las Vegas are committed to offering sympathetic representation for any semi truck accident for their clients. Accidents you might often encounter in a semi-truck accident are as follows:

  • Head-on crashes

Head-on semi-truck collisions typically happen when a truck driver loses control and veers into oncoming traffic, often leaving little room for avoidance. 

Factors like tire blowouts by impaired, distracted, or fatigued truck drivers contribute to such accidents, often resulting in severe injuries and, at high speeds, potential fatalities.

  • Rear-end crashes

Semi-trucks require extra space and time to respond to sudden stops, slowdown, or turns by vehicles in front. When a trucker tailgates or is distracted, there is a higher likelihood of a rear-end collision if the leading vehicle makes abrupt maneuvers.

  • Side crashes

When a semi-truck’s full weight and force collide with the side of a vehicle, making side collisions one of the deadliest types involving trucks. 

These incidents are less frequent, possibly due to the limited speed trucks can reach at intersections, but they can result from distracted truck drivers.

  • Jackknife accidents

When a trucker abruptly applies brakes or misuses the “jake brake,” there is a heightened risk of a jackknife accident, particularly on wet roads. 

In such incidents, the trailer skids until it is at a right angle to the cab, earning its name from the resemblance to a folding jackknife.

  • Rollover crashes

Semi-truck rollovers result from truckers losing control, often due to factors like tire blowouts or excessive speed when turning. Rollover accidents can obstruct traffic, leading to further injuries and fatalities from collision with the overturned semi-truck.

  • Underride accidents

It is a distinct rear-ends collision where a passenger vehicle becomes trapped beneath the rear of a semi truck’s trailer. 

If a truck abruptly stops for reasons like a traffic signal, road obstruction, or congestion, a following passenger vehicle may slide underneath the trailer if unable to brake in time.

  • Load spills

Mishandled, improperly loaded or inadequately secured cargo poses a significant risk for semi-truck accidents. Because they lack sides and a top, flatbed semi-trucks are typically more prone to cargo spills, making it more straightforward for their load to spill onto the road.

Truck drivers who fail to maintain their vehicles or forget to follow the proper safety protocols could be held liable for any accidents they cause. Compensation may be due if these accidents result in fatalities or severe injuries.

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