How to File for Child Support Modification Online

One of the ways to file for child support modification is to use online filing services. These services make the process easier and faster. There are three different types of child support petitions. The first type is a motion to adjust, which is faster and easier than a motion to modify. The second type is a petition to modify, which must be filed in court.

To file for a child support modification, either parent must have experienced a change of income of 15% or more. Some states limit the number of requests per 24 months. Therefore, it is a good idea to file for modification when either parent’s income has significantly increased or their children’s financial needs have increased. hertube

A child support order was part of the judgment in a divorce or a complaint for custody, parenting time, or support. To modify it, the non-custodial parent must file a complaint with the Probate and Family Court. The non-custodial parent can request a modification online or in person.

If the circumstances have changed significantly, a parent can file a child support modification petition online. The petitioner must show a substantial change in circumstances within the past three years. The change must be greater than 15%, and the change must have been substantial enough to affect the child’s needs. A parent can file for a child support modification if he or she is losing a job, becoming ill, or earning more money.