How Long Does it Take For a Judge to Make a Custody Decision?

Judges will consider several factors when making a custody decision. Among them are the children’s preferences and wishes. Judges will consider if the parents are cooperating and working together. Judges will also look for any signs of infidelity or non-marital sexual relationships. Often, trust between the two parents is a big factor in custody worldnewsite.

The complexity of a child custody case can make the proceedings take longer than expected. Although temporary hearings are limited to two hours, permanent hearings can take nine or twelve months or even longer. If you and your ex-spouse do not reach a resolution on custody within a year, you will likely be frustrated.

If a couple cannot agree, the court will refer the matter for mediation. If both parties are willing, they can settle the case and agree on a child custody arrangement. Mediation is a great way to avoid going to trial, because the parties work with an impartial third party to come to a resolution. This way, both parents can end the case sooner, with less stress and news247 com.

Parents who wish to intervene in a custody case should work with a lawyer before the hearing. It is crucial that they put their best foot forward during this short time period. They will have to testify about their relationship with their child and form an opinion on which parent is the primary parent.