6 Ways A Lawyer Can Help You with Your Injury Claim

Suffering an injury can turn your life upside down. Between doctor appointments, insurance claims, lost wages, and more, trying to get compensation can be confusing and overwhelming. An experienced personal injury attorney can help make the process easier while working to get you the maximum compensation. Here are six key ways in which hiring a lawyer from Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Lawyers can strengthen your injury claim


Conduct a Thorough Investigation

Lawyers have investigative resources to uncover key details surrounding an incident. For example, over 2.8 million people are injured in motor vehicle collisions annually according to the Association for Safe International Road Travel. An attorney can access police reports, speak to witnesses, and gather evidence to find out exactly what occurred. This builds a stronger case to prove negligence and fight for compensation.

Determine the Liable Party

Sometimes, determining who should be held legally responsible for an injury is complex. If you suffer an injury as a slip and fall, there may be ambiguity about unsafe conditions. A lawyer can use evidence and expertise to establish liability – whether with an individual, business, municipality, or other party. Pinpointing who is at fault is crucial for seeking damages.  

Estimate the Amount of Compensation Available

The value of an injury case depends on both economic and non-economic losses. Quantifiable damages like medical bills and lost income are easier to calculate. However, harder-to-measure awards like pain and suffering can significantly impact your payout. An attorney understands how to accurately assess both categories to fight for full compensation. Over $67 billion was paid out for injury claims in 2021 according to the National Safety Council. A lawyer works to get you your fair share.  

Handle Communication

The insurance claims process involves extensive paperwork and negotiation. Recording your statement incorrectly or saying the wrong thing could jeopardize your claim. Personal injury lawyers act as skillful communicators on your behalf. Rather than you having to correspond with insurance adjusters and defendants’ attorneys, your lawyer filters this interaction to optimize your case.  

Understand the Legal Process

Navigating the civil court system and laws related to personal injury cases requires legal training. There are strict statutes of limitations dictating required timing for taking different actions. Lawyers stay up to date on the latest legal developments that could impact your claim. They also know how to file paperwork, conduct discovery, negotiate settlements, and take your case to trial if necessary.   

Relieve Your Stress

The aftermath of an injury – dealing with pain, treatment, lost income – can negatively impact mental health. The claim process itself also produces immense stress. Hiring a lawyer lifts those burdens so you can focus on healing. Attorneys handle phone calls, legal matters, and negotiations while keeping your best interests in mind. With an advocate in your corner fighting for fair compensation, you can reduce anxiety about your finances and future.

Suffering an injury can make life difficult, but an attorney can optimize results by building a strong claim for you. With legal guidance and representation, you improve chances of obtaining the maximum compensation to cover losses – both financial and personal. This paves the way toward getting your life back on track.