10 Key Strategies to Win Law Essay Competition 2024

The current Family Law Essay Competition 2024 has been announced on Vardags, where you can win a prize of £2,000 upon winning the contest.

All university students have been invited to take part in this competition so that they may get a chance to uncover their exceptional minds. The runners-up shall be awarded a prize of £1,000 and £500 for the 2nd and 3rd positions, respectively.

We all have been students, and we know how such incentives matter a lot to students; especially the international brigade. So, if you are a law student who wants to try his luck for a law essay competition in the year 2024, here’s your guide on how to do so.

10 Effective Techniques to Win Law Essay Competition 2024

These top 10 tips shall cover you and direct your writing process to win a prize. You can craft a prize-winning law essay by following the strategies we have assembled for you. But if you are striving to achieve the utmost perfection in your essay, you can ask professional writers from a law essay writing service to craft your essay.

Let’s start from the most basic techniques and gradually move towards the complex strategies:

1.      Think like a Barrister

When you think like a barrister while crafting your essay for the law essay competition, your mannerisms will be reflected in your work. A barrister always tells his position first and moves on to present his strongest arguments in the favour of his client. Customer satisfaction is his priority, and he defends his client in front of the Supreme Court by using his best arguments.

You shall have to follow the same example when analysing your case in the law essay you write when the competition is open. Act like a barrister to win the best prize among all competitors.

To get a better idea of it, you can also pick any law essay example from the list of successfully published writers and review it to thoroughly understand the concept behind it.

2.      Be Prepared for Editing

Keep in mind that you will have to edit your law essay multiple times, even though you might think that you have written the best possible version of it. Be prepared for the cutting and editing part because if you do not, there will be a high chance that your essay will not even go past the admissions office or admissions committee.

Louis Dejeu-Castang, the person who won the Bar Council’s Law Reform Essay Competition 2023, also had to go through such toil to win the law essay competition 2023. If you want to achieve the same status as him, you will have to put in as much work as him.

3.      Research Your Facts

You might be aware that the custom law essays submitted by the entrants are usually judged by the practitioners in the relevant field. This is to say that your audience shall be highly intellectual and informed on the topic; hence, they shall be able to pinpoint even the minute factual errors in your work.

Therefore, be prepared about your assertions when you sit down to write your criminal law essay or Harvard law essay on the topic of your choice. You can only win your law essay competition if you pay attention to your research.

4.      Take Help from the Faculty

Ask for help with a law essay from all the people you think can assist you. Get the opinion of your peers and faculty members. If they provide you with new recommendations, improve your law essay structure in the light of those guidelines.

When completely lost in research, pick a book that is written on your law essay topic, for instance, Legal Research: A Practitioner’s Handbook 3rd ed.

There are plenty of e-book tutorials that help students write the best legal essays; you can even write top-notch Harvard law school essays by using such guidelines. Above all, your faculty members can best help you craft your papers on any topic.

5.      Honour the Opinion of Judges

The legal professional gives much importance to the critical analysis of the case studies that are discussed by law essay writers. The judges of the law essay competition shall be very likely to personally know the people that you mention in your essay. Also, disagreement and debate are essential features of the European law and English legal system. So, if you think that the court has made a wrong decision and you’re discussing it in your essay, be polite about it.

Try to be as respectful as you can in the main body of the essay. Added to the worth of the arguments you use, it shall make you eligible for winning a top prize in your law school personal statements.

6.      Use OSCOLA

The international law essay competitions provide the entrants with a complete guide about how their essays must be formatted. During law essay writing, religiously follow the guidelines that you have been provided. However, if you have not been provided with such guidelines, follow the recommendation of OSCOLA (The Oxford University Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities).

One such tip for such a law essay competition is that you might not need bibliographies for shorter essays, so you can always avoid spending time on those. From Learnmore: Expand Your Legal Mind, here is a helpful OSCOLA cheat sheet for you:

7.      Get Feedback for the Essay

This is absolutely necessary for you if you want to win the law essay competition. When you spend hours and hours crafting your essay, you cannot, understandably, submit it without the final revision. But by the time you finish your essay, you will already have been too attached to your work to analyse it objectively.

So, you should ask for help from a friend, parent or tutor and request them to give your law essay a read and provide honest feedback. Such a revision is critical for getting a prize-worthy essay.

You can ask for help from a law firm in this regard. Ask the expert proof-readers to revise your essay and provide honest and critical feedback to you.

8.      Don’t Forget the Deadline of Your Law Essay

Since law students always have a highly packed schedule, it is very normal for them to forget any deadline. In such a case, it is always recommended to plan your essay for the law essay competition ahead of time. Lawbore: The Law Student’s Directory is the best to check at the start of each term and keep track of the due dates for different essay contests.

9.      Focus on Clear Writing

Essay prizes are usually won by the students who have a knack for presenting their ideas clearly and concisely. Your legal essays must be engaging enough to catch the attention of your judges, and they must stand out from all other submissions in the crowd.

Also, if you have enough time, read the previous law assignments by famous lawyers to understand the way your essay should be crafted.

10.  Increase the Utility of the Essay Project

The process of writing and researching your law essay shall provide you with an in-depth understanding of the legal areas. It can prove as an effective head start on any kind of law paper because then you can effectively engage with the readers and successfully advance your main arguments in the paper.

It is always important to ensure that you focus on the application of such knowledge to win the prize for a law essay competition. Also, it shall be a significant contribution to the field of law and regulation.


So, concluding the discussion above, it was all about the key steps to follow if you want to win your law essay competition 2024. If you have read this article till the end, you shall be aware of how to write a law essay in the best possible manner. One of the easiest things to consider in this regard is that you should craft your essay like a barrister. This way, the readers shall see the professionalism in your work, and your paper will have a high chance of being selected for qualification.

Also, do not forget to get law essay help from a professional law essay writing service with fast customer support in case you feel stuck during the process. Studying an example of a law essay shall also be beneficial for you if you want to attain perfection in your work.